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Dorothy Goresky obituary

Highlighs from her photographs

The Lever-Simpson Family Tree

Chapter 1: A Change of Mind, and Beginning the Hunt
Chapter 2: The Family Tree
Chapter 3: Alkrington Manor and Hall
Chapter 4: The Darcy Levers
Chapter 5: The Lever Chapel
Chapter 6: Sir Ashton Lever
Chapter 7: The Leverian Museum
Chapter 8: Toxophilite Society
Chapter 9: Great Aunt Kate
Chapter 10: The Family Tree Continued
Chapter 11: Reverend Michael Henry Simpson
Chapter 12: Reverend Michael Maude Simpson
Chapter 13: Sydney Seymour
Chapter 14: Sydney Henry
Chapter 15: Greorge Harold
Shirley Seymour Callard
Florence Olive
Anuradha Hannah
Rob Hannah
Clifford John
Bonnie Linda
Bryan Murray
Dorothy Margaret
Robert Mark Goresky
Peggy Lynne Vance
Leslie Jean Goresky
Soma Brenda Goresky